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City of Pleasant Valley Road Work –

To our great citizens of the City of Pleasant Valley… We are happy to report that every single road within Pleasant Valley has recently been assessed and we have developed a city plan in cooperation with the State of WV-Department of Transportation/Division of Highways and other required entities to execute a massive road improvement initiative.  As your Mayor, I am happy to report that our plans are already in motion.  If you haven’t already noticed, we have been popping up all around the city and we have people out there working hard to make fixes, improvements, and upgrades to our areas roads and we are doing it all as quickly as we possibly can.  Our approach to this initiative as a city was to try and prioritize the fixes, improvements, and upgrades by tackling the worst roads first.  What may sometimes look like inefficiency in the approach we are taking and may appear as though we are skipping roads, we are, in actuality, often times having to wait on permits and approval from the State of WV, and sometimes we are forced to alter plans due of weather, special equipment, materials, etc., and therefore we do sometimes need to make adjustments.  Please also do keep in mind that half of our roads are state roads, which always require special permitting and proper cause for us (as a city) to make improvements.  The WV DOT/DOH has been happy to work with us but all of this takes time.  We appreciate your patience and we thank you for understanding and cooperation as we move through your neighborhoods.  This is the very first time in the history of our city that we are taking on projects of this size and scope.  We are all excited about this road work and look forward to enjoying the results.  Here’s to a shout-out to your City Council!!!  Your local community Council representatives have been instrumental in helping to pull this work all together.  I personally want to thank each and every one of them… Ed Aberegg (Rep for Benton’s Ferry/Kingmont), Erin Henderson (Rep for Kingmont), Chuck Ledsome (Rep for Benton’s Ferry), Chip Phillips (Lead on roadwork project and Rep for Pleasant Valley), Gary Timms (Rep for Millersville/Pleasant Valley), and Mike Walls (Rep for Millersville) – Thank you!  We look forward to continuing to serve ~ Your 2020-2022 City of Pleasant Valley Mayor, Emily Haddix.

Emily Haddix, Mayor City of Pleasant Valley – – Update to city road initiative as of 05/13/21, this is our list of completed paved roads so far: Alice Street; Betty Ann Street; Cathy Avenue; Chris Street; Davis Street; Hite Avenue; Johnson Rd; Nicki Street; Simmons Lane; Sunnyview Lane; and Woodleaf Drive. Millersville and Benton’s Ferry up are next! Thank you Miller Paving and CW Stickley for the fantastic work you’ve done so far! Residents, please keep in mind that we are addressing the worst of the worst first. Every single street in our city is getting assessed for drainage and road repairs. All of your representatives and city workers are working hard to keep everything moving as efficiently as possible. Thank you for being patient with us!